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Book Regina E. McCarthy for Your Next Event to Discover How to Provide Children with a Safe, Positive, More Nurturing Environment

Regina with her bookYour attendees with learn:

  1. A deep breathing technique for the entire family.
  2. How to be connected to yourself, so you may be present for your child.
  3. Fun and simple steps to heal anxiety
  4. How to increase confidence in yourself and child.
  5. Learn a powerful healing meditation to use at any time.

Whether it’s a school assembly, podcast or radio interview, PTA event or a book signing, Regina has a unique ability to weave memorable stories and life lessons for your attendees that are inspiring, uplifting and life changing.

You will hear first-hand the story of Courageous Gilbert from the author’s perspective, unlocking new, unexplored insights and messages that you can take back to the home or classroom and apply what you have learned in numerous beneficial and lasting ways.

Your audience will learn the 4-7-8 breathing process described in the book, while gaining a deeper understanding of its power in both children and adults to overcome anxiety, trauma and fear.

We will also uncover the keys to tapping into unexpressed emotions, which can lead to multiple levels of healing and a restoration of your child’s confidence as they face daily challenges head on.

Make sure you check out Regina’s Speaking Kit to learn more.

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