Families, Educators, Podcasters,
Radio Hosts, Meeting Planners:

Book Regina McCarthy and Enlighten Your Audience—and Yourself—on How to
Provide a Safe, Positive, More Nurturing and FUN Environment for EVERYONE!

Regina with her book

Your attendees will unlock the secrets to:
  • A deep breathing technique everyone can use.
  • How to be connected to yourself, so you may be present for a child.
  • Fun and simple steps to reduce anxiety for children and adults alike.
  • How to increase confidence in both yourself and children.
  • Learn an easy but powerful healing meditation to use at any time.
Here are just a few of the presentation topics Regina offers:
  1. Turning Shame into Creativity. When you release the shackles of shame, you begin to live your authentic life. Your true self steps forward and you walk into all of your creative possibilities.
  2. How Befriending Your Emotions Helps You Take Care of Yourself. Learn how to feel, locate, and learn from your fear, anger, sadness, hurt, and shame. Then, let it go!
  3. Breathing for Success. Your audience will learn Dr. Andrew Weil’s 4-7-8 breathing for relaxation described in Regina’s award-winning book, while gaining a deeper understanding of its power in both children and adults to reduce anxiety, trauma and fear.
  4. From Traumatized to Resilient. Why supportive relationships are so important for bouncing back at any age from life’s toughest curveballs. Learn how to create atmospheres of safety, connection, and self-regulation.
  5. Finding the Courage to Stand Up to Bullies. You can’t change others, only how your body responds. Discover how to practice somatic releases to gain a permanent sense of self-control.

Whether it’s a school assembly, podcast or radio interview, PTA event or a book signing, Regina has a unique ability to weave memorable stories and life lessons for your audience that are inspiring, uplifting and life changing.

You will hear first-hand the story of Courageous Gilbert from the author’s perspective, unlocking new, unexplored insights and messages that you can take back to the home or classroom and apply what you have learned in numerous beneficial and lasting ways.

You will also uncover the keys to tapping into unexpressed emotions, which can lead to multiple levels of healing and a restoration of confidence as one faces daily challenges head on.

Spots are filling up fast! Book Regina NOW by filling out the speaker form at https://courageousgilbert.com/speaker-request/ or email remccarthy@yahoo.com