Administrators and Educators

Courageous Gilbert the Groundhog is a book about Social Emotional Learning for grades K-4th.

Courageous Gilbert is a young groundhog who has a hard time making friends, faces stage fright, and gets picked on by a bully. He first learns to calm his anxious body with deep breathing and then learns the importance of not only feeling his emotions in his body for self-awareness but also expressing his emotions for self-management.

The 4-7-8 Breathing for Relaxation technique is fast, effective, and has cumulative benefits. The body remains in a state of calm with repeated use.

Practicing the somatic releases of yelling into one’s hands or a pillow, and stomping feet makes those responses permanent, to avoid building up in the body. It also supports kids in self-regulating themselves when they’re faced with situations that are tough to handle.

Practicing an empowered response to the bully of how to be treated and then walking away also makes it a permanent NEW response for self-care.

This book can be an introduction to Social Emotional Learning in the K-4th classroom.

It is a perfect addition to an existing SEL program as well.

Kids can relate to this loveable groundhog as many children are facing the same struggles and challenges that Gilbert encounters. They will see themselves in similar situations, with every turn of the page.