About the Author

Regina E. McCarthy

Regina E. McCarthy is president and owner of Blue Stone Healing Center in the Chicago area. She works with clients at the holistic level, helping them to heal at their deepest level. Regina is passionate about the work she does and feels extremely honored to be part of her clients healing journey.

She is married and has three children. Her kids are her heroes because they constantly teach her courage, to be who she is, and not to worry about what others think of her. It takes courage to show your vulnerability.

When Regina was little she was her dad’s favorite (okay, we all say this!), but he also intimidated her. He was big; she was little. He was loud; she was quiet. He was strong; she was skinny. But she loved him just the same and believed he could do anything, which he often did. He was born to Irish immigrant parents in the four-room apartment they lived in above a grocery store in Chicago. When he grew up, he became an entrepreneur and built a construction company from the ground up, with her mom as secretary. He was a visionary who followed his intuition. He was also brilliant and could solve complex math problems in his head like no one else, and he figured everyone could, too.

In primary school, Regina had to ask her dad for help with simple fractions. They just didn’t make sense in her head, and to him, that didn’t make sense. After his long, hard day of work, she felt like she was bothering him. She remembers cringing as she made her way to where he was sitting, reading the evening newspapers. He was tired and it was never a fun experience asking him for help, but it started Regina on her journey of questioning why math was so hard for her, why people respond the way they do, and how could she get what she needed without feeling guilty for asking.

Eventually, she survived her dad’s lessons and even grew to love math. As an adult, she learned where she held emotions in her body and how to feel them. She kept asking questions about life, relationships, and why we do what we do. Regina also learned to follow her intuition, which led to her interest in holistic psychotherapy. She had always been interested in the whole person—body, emotions, mind and spirit—and how they work together to form us as individuals. Our physical wellbeing, our emotional responses, our brain’s interpretation of events, and our spiritual connections were fascinating subjects. Regina now realizes these were all a part of her interactions with her dad, and he helped make her the person she is today, for which she is eternally thankful.